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Besan Truffle

Dark Belgian Chocolate Truffle encased in a classic grandma style Besan Laddoo made with pure Gir Cow Ghee.



Good Walnut

Goodness of Healthy ‘Nolan Gur’ Jaggery meets the earthy flavours of besan slow roasted in Gir Cow Ghee for a lingering flavour. Sugar Free & Full of Energy.


Rich blend of Pure Peshawari Pistachios and homemade Khoya made with sustainable granulated sugar.

Caramel Pedha

Dark Belgian Chocolate Truffle encased in a classic grandma style Besan Laddoo made with pure Gir Cow Ghee. Age old delectable ‘Mathura Ka PEDHA’ with Caramel and a gooey ‘Dulce de leche’ filled center. Slow kneaded Goan Cashews and Khoya with homemade Raspberry Coulis. 

Cashew Raspey

Slow kneaded Goan Cashews and Khoya with homemade Raspberry Coulis.

Chenna Jalebi

An indulgent Bengali Chenna jalebi stuffed with mushy Figs and an assortment of mineral rich nuts.


Fresh Coconut & roasted melon seeds bound in one delectable tropical treat.

Eden rose

Nutritious Gurbandi almond paste folded in Gulkand and rolled in dehydrated rose petals.

Gond Ladoo

An aphrodisiac in nature and a nation-wide classic laddoo made with assorted nuts, Gir Cow Ghee & ‘Tragacanth Gum’ or ‘Gond’. Traditionally considered as a quick & delicious dose of the good healthy stuff.

Khoya Pista

A combination of the Two most loved classic mithais, of pure Khoya and rich Pistachios

Pistachio Nabob

Flavours truly meant for royalty in this deep flavoured peshwari pistachio mithai stuffed with the flavours of paan rolled in a pistachio-rose dust.

Malterine Marmalade

The distinct sweet & citric flavours of tangerine and malta orange folded into gurmandi almond paste to create this tangy delight.

Motichoor Laddoo

No traditional box of Mithai is complete without this festive classic with its small sunshine grains melting in the mouth with all the boldness of kashmiri ‘Lacha’ saffron.

South Paak 

A ‘Melt in the Mouth’ southern Indian Sweet made with Gir Cow Ghee & Gram Flour with a twist of Nolan Gur base.

Punjabi Pinni

An age old Northern Classic made from a family recipe using Whole Wheat Flour and Gir Cow Ghee.


A childhood favourite made with rich full fat & Condensed Milk, slowly cooked in the oven to caramelize and take you for a walk down memory lane. 


Homemade Khoya enrobed in rich Belgian Chocolate and rolled in Hazelnut Pailleté feuilletine.

Nani's Garden cress Seed Laddoo

The healthiest of all the mithais in the country. Slow roasted organic gardenseeds with all the wonders of tender coconut water, gooey jaggery & nuts, make up this age old Maharashtrian treat to tickle your taste buds & health quotients alike.

Apple Cinnamon Gujia

Christmas meets Diwali and Holi, as the heart warming flavours of Granny Smith Apples, Cinnamon & nuts are bound inside the classic Indian Gujia.

Sunburst Saffron

A potent dose of the delectable dark crimson Kashmiri ‘Lacha’ Saffron, encaptured in a classic barfi.