The Classic Mix Clutch

Rs. 1,250

A delicate and sleek rectangular box that holds 8 handcrafted pieces of Mithai. You’re going to love carrying this one on your arm, as a gift or as a giveaway.

A selection of Arq Mithais and stuffed khajoors are included in this box: Pistachio Khajoor, Almond Khajoor, Sunburst Saffron, Coconutty. A great way to taste our specials! 

PS: For health and safety reasons, your Mithais will be packed in Arq Pods - once packed in our sanitised kitchens, these sealed pods make sure that your favourite mithais do not come in contact with any outside elements, not even air! With our Arq Pods, you can now stock up your favourite Mithai for up to 2 weeks from date of shipping. 

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